Business Analytics Starter Package

Last modified: February 27, 2017

Business Analytics can help your organization gain valuable insight into your key customers, marketing approaches and your business operations. Would’t you like to try out a market-leading business analytics platform (Tableau) and gain some immediate insights for only $150? You can then assess if business analytics can really add value to your bottom line.


I have many years of business intelligence consulting experience and am a Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate. I am skilled in developing business scorecards.


Before purchasing, please send me a message answering the following questions: Company Size, Company Industry, Current BI Dashboard (if any).

With the purchase of this project you will get:

  • (1) 1 Hour gotomeeting session or phone call  to help you select an ideal excel spreadsheet or file of information to be analyzed with Tableau

  • (1) Up to 3 hours of my consulting time to develop a starter Tableau dashboard with the data provided. The resulting packaged workbook can be viewed by you with a free Tableau Reader download.

  • (1) 1 Hour gotomeeting session to demonstrate the Tableau workbook and provide it for your use

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